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Economies of Interest: Digital Economy

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Learn Economies of Interest: Digital Economy

Economies of Interest: Digital Economy

We have moved from the Internet Economy to the Digital Economy. The difference is that data no longer confines itself to the Internet. Big data, mobile data, social media and other forms of information have become more sophisticated. Hence, we could define Digital Economy as an economy that focuses on using technological solutions to understand and analyse such data. These technical solutions also help improve our existing services or explore opportunities that never existed before.

Here is a list of books, articles, and videos to help understand different elements of the Digital Economy.


The Rise of the Digital Economy: What Is It and Why It Matters for Singapore
Tang See Kit. Published on 13 Jan, 2020.

Digital technologies have become increasingly pervasive in economies, businesses and people's everyday lives, embracing it is crucial in remaining relevant. Find out how Singapore has and will be affected for years to come.

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17 Ways to Enhance Your Digital Skills at Home and in the Workplace Published on 11 Mar, 2022.

Not sure where to start when it comes to staying up to date with evolving technologies? This list includes websites with courses which may be useful to upgrade your digital literacy knowledge.

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Blockchain Beyond the Hype: What Is the Strategic Business Value?
Brant Carson, Giulio Romanelli, Patricia Walsh, and Askhat Zhumaev. Published on June 19, 2018.

Blockchain has been garnering much hype in recent years, but is an immature technology and success is not guaranteed just like all investment instruments. This strategic analysis may answer some of your questions about the feasibility of blockchain in the long run for businesses.

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Data Analyst Skills Path | What Skills You NEED to Know
by Alex The Analyst

Choosing and learning the right technical skills are critical in exploring the Data Economy. What are they? Data Analyst Alex Freberg shares the essential skills you will need to know to become a Data Analyst in this short sharing.

Source: Data Analyst Skills Path | What Skills You NEED to Know (2020, November 3). Alex The Analyst.

What is the Metaverse?
by CNBC International

Have you heard of Metaverse? It is one of the tech buzzwords in recent years. What is it exactly? What is its role in the data economy? Find out more in this video and understand its impact on the digital world.

Source: What is the Metaverse? (2022, April 25). CNBC International.

Why Everyone Should Be Data Literate
by Jordan Morrow via TEDx Talks

We are bombarded with information everyday. News media, web media, social media and various kinds of media have influenced our day-to-day decisions. We need to be able to read and understand data to spot real and fake information. Understand the importance of data literacy and how it can impact our lives in this video by Jordan Morrow.

Source: Why everyone should be data literate (2019, June 4). TEDx Talks.


eLearning videos from Udemy

Microsoft Excel - Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables

Excel is one of the essential tools for analysing and understanding data. Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts are some of the tools that every analyst should know at their fingertips. This Udemy course will teach you to utilize Pivot Tables and improve your excel skillset with real-world case studies and examples.

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Data Analytics Made Easy
Andrea De Mauro, Francesco Marzoni

Publisher: Packt Publishing, 2021.

Gain insights from data and present them in a way which is meaningful resulting in improvements in your company and work. Topics include data visualisations with storytelling and creating professional-looking and business-centric visuals and dashboards.



Naked Statistics
Charles Wheelan

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company, 2015.

Statistics concepts such as inference, correlation and regression analysis are the backbone of this field. However, biasness and misrepresentation of data has enabled advertisers or researchers to gain an advantage in fields such as industry and business. Interesting examples are put forth by the writer to bring this subject to life.



Becoming a Data Head
by Alex J. Gutman, Jordan Goldmeier

Publisher: Wiley, 2021.

Be an active participant in Data Science, Statistics, and Machine Learning with the tools and basic skills taught in this book. Learn ways to speak intelligently on this subject at the workplace and avoid pitfalls related to interpreting data.