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Critical Core Skills Framework: Thinking Critically

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Personalise My Skillsfuture Festival Experience

Learn Critical Core Skills Framework: Thinking Critically

Critical Core Skills Framework: Thinking Critically

Skills Cluster coverage for this issue: Thinking Critically

We are living in unprecedented times, and changes are fast and rapid.

Economy factors and technological changes have changed our nature of work. Problem-solving and critical thinking skills will have to evolve to cope with the changes. Hence, we need to refresh these skills to deal with the challenges ahead. Here is a list of books, articles, and videos to help you with your transformation.


How People Make Decisions
Susan Weinschenk. Published on Smashing Magazine, on 7 Feb 2019.

Behavioural scientist Susan Weinschenk explains how decision making is closely affected by emotions, and how we can shape our customers’ decision-making process by first understanding the impetus for their decisions. She also shares a tip on giving fewer choices to help with decision making.

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19 Ways to Improve Your Problem Solving Skills at Work
Duncan Muguku. Published on ThriveYard on 14 May 2020.

This article provides a step-by-step guide for problem solving, from finding the root cause(s) of the issue, to effective ways to enhance solutioning and identifying potential pitfalls when solving the problem.

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What is 'Transdisciplinary'?
Jaya Ramchandani. Published on blog.welearnwegrow on 24 Jan 2017.

The concept of Transdisciplinary might seem difficult at first glance. What is it, and what is the difference with interdisciplinary? Understand these technicalities with some simple diagrams in this article and observe how they can transform you.

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5 Tips to Improve Your Critical Thinking
by Samantha Agoos

Samantha Agoos describes a 5-step critical thinking process that may help us make better decisions. While the perfect choice may not be possible every time, there are ways to improve our chances - and one particularly effective technique is critical thinking.

Source: 5 tips to improve your critical thinking – Samantha Agoos (2016, March 15). TED-Ed.

Before You Decide: 3 Steps To Better Decision Making
by Matthew Confer

Matthew Confer, Vice President of Strategy at Abilitie, a leadership development company, shares a three-step method that anyone can use for decision making. This method was developed through Abilitie's collaborations with innovative companies - using team-based simulations which mimic decisions that corporate leaders make in the real world - to better prepare them for challenges ahead.

Source: Before You Decide: 3 Steps To Better Decision Making (2019, July 16). TEDxOakLawn.

How to Solve a Problem in Four Steps
by DecisionSkills

It is essential to identify the problem correctly before coming up with a solution to solve it. This video will explain the concept of IDEA, a beneficial technique for identifying, analysing and solving problems.

Source: How to Solve a Problem in Four Steps (2014, Nov 11). DecisionSkills.


eLearning videos from Udemy

Udemy Business Course 1
Problem Solving: The Complete Guide

Finding the solutions to some business questions are never easy. How do we find out the root cause of the problems? What are the practical problem-solving techniques available? Find the answers to these questions in this helpful Udemy course and improve your problem-solving skills.

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Recommended Reads

How Leaders Decide
Greg Bustin
Call number: 303.3409 BUS

Publisher: Sourcebooks, 2019.

It is impossible to see into the future to predict how our decisions in the present may play out, but we can look to the momentous decisions of the past for insights on how profound choices are made.

How Leaders Decide provides provocative ideas and leadership lessons that will propel leaders and their businesses forward, through 52 dramatic historical events and decisions that changed the course of our world.

eBook   AudioBook


The Great Mental Models: Decision Making, Logical-Analysis, Problem-Solving, and Increasing Your Brain Power
Tommy Tedford

Publisher: Tommy Tedford, 2020.

The Great Mental Models provides readers insights to the mental models of the world's greatest problem-solvers, forecasters, and decision-makers. These great minds rely on frameworks and shortcuts to help them navigate out of complexity, and separate good ideas from bad ones. This book will help readers understand their own minds better, and develop successful mindsets of their own.



Conceptual Blockbusting
James L. Adams
Call number: 153.43 ADA

Publisher: Basic Books, 2019.

In Conceptual Blockbusting, James Adams identifies the key blocks - perceptual, emotional, cultural, environmental, intellectual, expressive – that are preventing us from realising the full potential of our minds.

Through the use of exercises and interactive elements, Adams demonstrates how organisations and individuals can overcome these blocks, embrace alternative ways of thinking through complex problems, and celebrate the joy of creativity.