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Critical Core Skills Framework: Staying Relevant

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Learn Critical Core Skills Framework: Staying Relevant

Critical Core Skills Framework: Staying Relevant

Skills Cluster coverage for this issue: Staying Relevant

Technology has equipped us with the means to work in a hybrid manner, and there are necessary skills required for us to cultivate in order to work wisely and confidently. How can we stay relevant in this constantly changing business environment? Here is a list of books, articles and videos that we hope will provide some enlightenment.


Self-Management Skills: Definition, Importance, Examples
Published on on 29 November 2021.

Developing skills to manage time, stress, productivity and work-life balance are the first steps to ensure effective self-management. Read on to find out more about the benefits of cultivating these skills to enhance professionalism.

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Digital Fluency and Why it Matters for the Success of Your Organization
Raluca Cristescu. Published on MATRIX Blog, March 4 2021.

Raluca Cristescu highlights the importance of digital fluency for the success of your businesses, especially if it has embarked on digital transformation processes. Apart from ensuring that employees have access to digital tools they may need for their work, companies will also need to make sure their employees are competent in using these tools to navigate through different and everchanging demands in their work.

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5 Ways to Foster a Global Mindset in Your Company
Nataly Kelly. Published on Harvard Business Review on 5 July 2019.

To go global and succeed requires a sense of global awareness and thought across the company culture. How about starting with identifying current employees who already have international experience? These could be previous stints studying or working abroad, or speaking multiple languages. Find out more ingredients to improve a global mindset.

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Digital Fluency: Connecting the Dots of Digital Transformation - Gary O'Brien
by ThoughtWorks

"Digital Transformation" is the buzzword for every organisation that wants to remain at the forefront in their industries. Yet, not everyone knows what digital transformation exactly entails. In this fast-changing world of technology, demands are also constantly changing, and these digital transformation efforts often have to happen at a pace quicker than we are comfortable with. Digital Transformation director Gary O’Brien explains how to prioritise and achieve a more efficient transformation process.

Source: Digital Fluency: Connecting the Dots of Digital Transformation - Gary O'Brien (2020, February 10). ThoughtWorks.

Global Leadership
by Skip Bowman

Skip Bowman, the founder of consultant firm Global Mindset, explains what it takes to adopt this perspective. For instance, learning to suspend judgements and be curious about things that are different would lead to better communication and collaboration to achieve goals beneficial to the company.

Source: Skip Bowman on Global Leadership (Dec 18, 2018). Global Mindset.

10 Soft Skills | Module 7 | Adaptability/Flexibility by Teach International Support
by Alice Soewito

Soft Skills required to be adaptable and flexible include managing changes to processes, different approaches to managing people, and preference for previous practices. Find out the benefits of cultivating the flexibility mindset.

Source: 10 Soft Skills | Module 7 | Adaptability/flexibility (Mar 7, 2019).


eLearning videos from Udemy

Udemy Business Course
Agile PM 101 – Learn the Truth About Agile Versus Waterfall

Gain an introduction to Agile concepts and learn ways to apply this to traditional project management methods. Develop a clear objective understanding of what it means to use "Agile versus Waterfall" modes of project management.

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Recommended Reads

Leading with IT
Author: Alex Siow
Call number: 004.068 SIO

Publisher: Wiley, 2021.

In this book, Alex Siow shares his experience as Singapore's first Chief Information Officer. Learn how you can overcome the challenges faced by technology executives and leverage on technology to deliver astounding results.



The Global Economy
David A. Dieterle

Publisher: ABC-CLIO, 2020.

In The Global Economy, David A. Dieterle provides an in-depth yet approachable read that will help all understand more about the global economy.



The Human Cloud
Author: Matthew Mottola, Matthew Douglas Coatney

Publisher: Harpercollins Leadership, 2021.

As workforce productivity and technology experts, Matthew Mottola and Matthew Douglas Coatney are well-equipped to provide advice on how to take charge of your future in light of the transformations that technology is bringing to work.

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